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Posted by Darin Velarde on

To test out the products we sell we just got our own HD Tracked Tank Mobile Robot Kit to experiment with.  We have plans to put a Hokuyo laser range finder and a Radxa Rock 2 computer running Linux.  It ships with an Atmel 328 which can be used with Arduino software but we want a bit more horsepower.

The current stack consists of a desktop linux computer, a radxa rock 2, a system to stream live data to the Unreal 4 game engine for visualization, and a custom software stack consisting of a broker and senders and receivers.  The software stack has a dead reckoning system and a custom matrix library to contain all the transformations that the robot might need (base movement, arm rotations, etc...).

More about the HD Tracked Tank Mobile Robot KitThis robot is extremely high quality.  I am very impressed.  Being a seller of robots and robot accessories, I figured I should eat my own dog food and get one in house.  I'm glad we did.  I honestly could not have built a nicer robot in the machine shop here.  This thing is very nice in every way, and bulletproof.  I couldn't stop the tracks from moving with both hands.  The motors have a ton of torque.

Here are some images of the robot after it came out of the box.

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