"Embedded" Linux computers

Posted by Darin Velarde on

Based on my research I had chosen the Radxa Rock 2 as the brains for the Singularity Robot (that I posted a while back).  Now that I have been working with the Rock 2 for a while I've realized some harsh realities.  It appears that Linux isn't fully supported on the Rock 2 setup.  This includes the GPIO not working along with who knows what else.  A good friend chose to go with the Odroid XU4 and he is having great luck with it.  GPIO and all, sigh.  This is not to say that the Rock 2 is not a great computer.  So far it has been great. But the intent here is to use it to control a robot, which is not going to happen in a meaningful way unless it has a way to talk to the hardware.  Now, I could use USB or some other form of PC-style communication, but the whole point of a single board computer is to use it's on-board GPIO.  I can't see adding more hardware to support what the Rock 2 should support out of the box.

That said, the Odroid is on it's way to the lab for testing.  My assumption is that it will do the trick.  I will post my findings.

Lesson learned.  Spend more time on the research phase.

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