The latest on the Singularity Robot

Posted by Darin Velarde on

Everything is in the Singularity Robot's case.  Currently we are using the Odroid XU4, the 5-port ethernet switch, and the STM32F4 discovery board with the 

STM32F4DIS-BB (the baseboard for the STM32F4 discovery board), and the

STM32F4DIS-LCD (the LCD screen that plugs into the baseboard).

We are using a custom MQTT port for the communication to the STM32 which is being used for motor control only at the moment.

We are also using a Hokuyo urg-04lx for scanning the area around the robot.  There is still much to do but it's coming along nicely.

Next steps:

  • Implement the motor control in the STM32F4.
  • Add communication through MQTT from the custom navigation software.
  • Add our custom scan matching algorithm.

See the images below of our version of our tank robot.


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