Robot progress is slow but steady

Posted by Darin Velarde on

The Singularity Robot is slowly coming along.  The Motor controller is working along with an MQTT client that is using the pub-sub paradigm to get messages about what to do.  It's implemented with a fail-safe system that will stop all motor operation if messages stop coming in for over 2 seconds.  This is to save baseboards and ankles.  This thing weights over 40lbs, so it would hurt, and we don't want that.  Progress on the navigation has been slow due to a bunch of other things going on but the plans have not changed.  I started working on a learning algorithm and got a bit dissuaded when I introduced a hard to find bug during a major refactor of the C++ code.  I'll most likely use git bisect to see where the issue was added.  I'm effectively writing off of a buffer somewhere and corrupting memory.  This kind of bug is a joy to find.

 Till more to come.  At least it drives now!

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  • Enjoyed every bit of your forum post.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Berlove

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