RC Tri-Tracked Tank Robot Kit

  • $ 899.00

This RC (Remote Control)Tri-Tracked Tank Robot Kit is available as a complete robot kit, with a joystick, and enables any beginner to easily control the robot (forward, left, right, etc.). This kit has an anodized blue aluminum chassis. Included with the chassis is a rack tank wheel, rubber tracks, microcontroller, and DC motors.  It has a circular plate on the top with pre-drilled holes for expansion, such as cameras or a robot arm, etc.
This Tri-Tracked Robot Kit performs well on many different surfaces.  It can traverse over objects in its path and rough terrain.
 The kit comes with following parts:
► 2 rubber tracks
► 2 DC motors
► 1 Joystick
► 1 12V, 3500mA lithium battery
► 1 12V charger
► Dimensions: 300mm x 260mm x 172mm
► Distance between bottom and ground: 43mm
► Chassis material: Aluminum alloy
► Color: Blue
► Speed: 0.4m/s
► Net weight: 4kg
► Load capacity: 8.5kg
DC motor specifications:
►Type: Faulhaber 12V DC Coreless Motor
►Power: 17W
►No Load Speed: 8100RPM/minute
►Reduced Speed: 120RPM/minute
►Diameter: 30mm
►Length: 42mm
►Total Length: 85mm
►Diameter of Shaft: 6mm
►Length of Shaft: 35mm
►No Load Current: 75mA
►Load Current: 1400mA
►Gearbox Ratio: 64:1