100mm Aluminum Double Omni wheel with bearing rollers

  • $ 53.00

These aluminum omni wheels are made up of 2 aluminum plates with some rollers mounted around the outer circumference. Each roller is attached with two bearings to give the smoothest rolling. These rollers allow the omni wheel to travel sideways with no skidding during turns. As an omni-directional wheel, it can travel in more than one direction, as well as 360° movement with rotation. When the axle spins, it behaves like a normal wheel.
Omni wheels are used in highly mobile robotic platforms, conveyor systems, and material handling equipment. Use these omni wheels to make your robot turn smoothly or build a holonomic drivetrain.
►Outside wheel diameter: 100mm
► Anodized Aluminum plates: White color
►Width: 35.8mm
►Number of Rollers: 12
►Number of Plates: 2
►Body material: Aluminium alloy
►Roller Bearing: Ball bearing
►Roller material: PA+PU
►Spacer material: Nylon
►Length of roller: 28mm
►Net weight: 0.3kg
►Load capacity: 5Kg