Arduino I/O Expansion Board

  • $ 26.00

This Arduino I/O expansion board provides an easy way to connect sensors, servos and RS485 devices to our Arduino board. It expands Arduino’s Digital I/O and Analog Input Pins with Power and GND.  It also provides separate PWM Pins which are compatible with a standard servo connector. Another unique feature is that the I/O shield has a built-in RS485 converter which allows Arduino to communicate with RS485 devices.  The communication socket provides an extremely easy way to plug a wireless module such as APC220 RF module and DF-Bluetooth module.  It has an individual power input for servos. A servo power jumper allows user to select from using external power or internal power to drive the servos.
►Module power supply: +5 V
►Servo power supply: +5 V
►Module size: 53 x 70mm 
►Weight: 33.5g