RS485 Ultrasonic Distance Sensors

  • $ 33.00

The RS485 ultrasonic distance sensor allows you to determine the exact distance of an obstacle in the sonar field of view. The cleverness of your robot will depend on a sensitive sensor similar to the one bats use to know their position and track prey. With advanced programming, you can design compensators in order to perfectly control your motors according to the obstacle's distance.
Usually, the RS485 ultrasonic distance sensor can not connect to an arduino directly. It is easily connection when using an arduino I/O expansion board. In addition, the RS485 interface allows a number of sensors to work together.
►Power Supply: +5V
►Current: <20mA
►Working temperature: -10℃~+70℃
►Detecting range: 4cm-500cm
►Resolution: 1cm
►Frequency: 40KHz
►Interface: RS485
►Units: Range reported in cm
►Temperature sensor: 12 bits reading from serial port
►Default Device Address: 0x11
►Default Device baudrate: 19200
►Dimension: 34x51 mm
►Weight: 30g