Tri-Tracked Tank Robot Kit with Ultrasonic Sensors

  • $ 899.00

This is a versatile Tri-Tracked Tank Robot Kit.  Included is a robust aluminum chassis with tank-like rubber tracks, IO Expansion, microcontroller, ultrasonic sensors and DC motors with encoders. Additional, it has a specially designed circular plate on the top with some pre-drilled holes for expansion, such as cameras, arm, etc.
This Tri-Tracked Robot Kit is programmed in the C/C++ programming languages. Sample code is provided so that you can get started quickly with the  easy-to-use Arduino user interface, and easy access to programming functions. It enables researchers, developers and robotics students to write their own software, learn from others accomplishments and configure the hardware as required and desired.
This Tri-Tracked Robot Kit performs well on many different surfaces.
 The kit comes with following parts:
► 2 rubber tracks
► 2 DC motors with encoder
► 1 arduino 328
► 1 IO expansion
► 2 ultrasonic sensors
► 1 12V, 3500mA lithium battery
► 1 12V charger

► Dimensions: 300mm x 260mm x 172mm
► Distance between bottom and ground: 43mm
► Chassis material: Aluminum alloy
► Color: White
► Speed: 0.4m/s
► Net weight: 4kg
► Load capacity: 8.5kg
DC motor specifications:
►Type: Faulhaber 12V DC Coreless Motor
►Power: 17W
►No Load Speed: 8100RPM/minute
►Reduced Speed: 120RPM/minute
►Diameter: 30mm
►Length: 42mm
►Total Length: 85mm
►Diameter of Shaft: 6mm
►Length of Shaft: 35mm
►No Load Current: 75mA
►Load Current: 1400mA
►Gearbox Ratio: 64:1
►Type: Optical
►Encoder Phase: AB
►Encoder Resolution: 12CPR